Party Hosting

Besides being a fun host, you also have a responsibility to be a responsible host. It’s not too hard to be both. If you are serving alcohol, be sure your guests are of legal drinking age and serve food and non-alcoholic beverages, too. Remember it’s illegal to sell alcohol without a license, and this includes selling cups or taking donations to defray the party costs.  Use tips from the Jayhawk Buddy System and read this information on hosting (pdf) when planning your party!

Top Reasons LPD comes to your party

  • Noise complaints (neighbors called the police)
  • Loud music, people yelling
  • Outside kegs
  • Guests leaving your party with beer or other alcoholic beverages – open container law violation
  • Guests urinating or vomiting in your neighbors' yards
  • Guest overflowing into the street and sidewalks
  • Destruction of property (vandalism, theft)
  • Serving alcohol to a minor