Living off campus means you will need to make your own arrangements for utilities and other services.  You'll also want to be aware of the laws that govern life in Lawrence.

Getting services/utilities

City of Lawrence information


Noise: Watch the volume on the television and stereo. If you can hear it at your property's edge, it is probably too loud. 
Parking: No parking on the sidewalks or in the yard. When parking on the street, park the same direction as the traffic flow. 
Lawns: You must keep your lawn mowed, as an overgrown yard can result in a fine. 
Trash: You need to keep your property clean of litter, and you may not sweep litter into the street or gutter. You must use the city-provided trash cans.
Fireworks: Most fireworks are prohibited in Lawrence. 
Leash Law: You need to keep your pet on a leash when in the city. 
Unrelated Occupants: Generally, only three unrelated roommates can share a house in Lawrence. 
Sidewalks: It is owner or the occupant's responsibility to remove snow and ice from the sidewalk within 24 hours.

Finding off campus housing

Lawrence has a variety of off-campus living arrangements.  By searching on the internet "Apartments in Lawrence, KS" you will find guides as well as management companies. Additionally, the Chamber of Commerce provides information on moving to Lawrence. KU does not approve or endorse off-campus housing units.  

Moving out

Here are some tips for moving out

Moving Day: After you’ve decided what is going with you, donate the useable items to a local Lawrence charity. You’ll be helping yourself and not adding to the landfills. Some of the charities in Lawrence that take household items and furniture are

Be sure to attend the final inspection and ask for a copy of it for your records. Ask when you can expect your deposit refunded. Note that date and follow up if you do not receive it in a timely manner.